Art Fair East

From Thursday 28 November (Private Preview 5.30pm - 9pm) until Sunday 1 December six artists published in the Cambridge Art Book from The City Art Series will be exhibiting at Art Fair East in Norwich.

The group have exhibited together previously in 2018 and 2017 at the Cambridge Art Fair (now closed) and consist of Sonia Villiers, Susan Abbs, Alison Hullyer, Ophelia Redpath, Jo Tunmer and the founder of the Book series, Emma Bennett.  

Here is an invitation to the Private Preview. Please print this and present to the front desk and this will enable you to free entry for the preview or anytime during the weekend. The location and opening hours are written on the invitation. There will be a member of the team invigilating each day so do come along and say hello. 

PV invite DIGITAL.jpg